A New Dawn

I’ve had a fun few years over on Tumblr, with my blog there, Human Friendly, but I felt the yearning for a change and a move away from the kind of Twitter-style social media. I felt like, as is often the case of Facebook, I was becoming so obsessed with reader numbers and “likes” and whatever that I was actually avoiding writing anything or putting anything out through fear of negative feedback, or, worse, NO feedback. On top of that, I have found myself steadily becoming more and more aware of the time-sink of websites which encourage passive scrolling. In my case these websites were Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. I have felt an increasing need for interaction which takes engagement and focus. Facebook can be utilised in a focussed way, as can Reddit, to an extent, but Tumblr and Twitter are intrinsically passive in a way I no longer enjoy. I see the appeal, and for a long time I was a huge fan, but now I see them more as I see television. Entertaining but mostly immaterial.

That said I’m not some judgemental wanker who sees them as worthless. I know those people and they’re awfully tiresome. No. If you love Twitter and Tumblr, you friggin’ go for it! Enjoy them! It’s everybody’s internet and it’s an endlessly faceted tool, I’m sure as hell not the guy who gets to tell people what it’s about.

But I digress. I wish to make my new internet home here.

So here I am. In two weeks I am thirty. My name is Charles Hay. This is my new blog.

And here is a stunning timelapse video of Earth from space because humans are amazing and our home is beautiful.


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