The Avalanches – Colours, with added Blade Runner, neural networks and daydreaming AI

Crikey, The Avalanches have a new song out! And even crikeyer, it’s really lovely! And strange. Definitely strange. It sounds like a really beautiful, balmy day at the beach after drinking a Long Island Ice Tea and getting slightly too much sun… But in a good way. Alternatively it sounds like Groove Armada bred with 60’s pop music then got fed through an AI deep dream or a neural network or something… But also in a good way.

There are vocals, and I can’t work out if they’re reversed or not. Perhaps they’re both? It’s like a song-as-a-vibe sort of thing, and it’s not a million miles away from their sound around the time of Since I Left You, except it’s probably less frenetic.

In essence, it’s an Avalanches song – it’s bizarre and really wonderful and incredibly evocative but extremely difficult to describe with any degree of specificity.

Just give it a listen, I’ve decided it’s my beach song for 2016.

Also below the music video, I’ve posted two other videos to give you an idea of what I was talking about regarding AI deep dreaming and neural networks. It’s trippy and it’s so amazing. The 21st century is crazy.


Below is the brilliant “tears in the rain” scene from Blade Runner run through a neural network then reconstructed and it’s hauntingly incredible. There’s an article about it here, which is well worth a read:

And here is a video of Google’s AI’s deep dreaming which is just cosmic: