A Week in Croatia

In August my family and I spent a week in beautiful Croatia. After moving house, it was a much needed week of relaxation in one of my favourite places in the world. Croatia is sublime mountains encroaching on a placid sea with lovely people in between. In some moments it almost feels like the boundaries of time have fallen away and you are no longer suspended in the modern bubble. I often feel that way on the Mediterranean, like you can almost hear the conversations of thousands of years and ancient footsteps. The knowledge of that continuity there, despite technology and politics; I find it extremely comforting.

The flight into Dubrovnik airport ended with an absolutely spectacular sunset. I can’t remember seeing quite so fantastic a sunset from the air before.


This is Cavtat, the town in which we stayed. Apparently the original population of Dubrovnik migrated north from Cavtat.
The main street of Dubrovnik. Every time I go back it gets busier. Lots of American tourists on Game of Thrones tours! Glad to see it doing so well, but it must be a little frustrating for the locals.
Dubrovnik city walls from the outside. Specifically, taken from a very nice little bar!


So many red roofs, it’s really stunning to look down on from the wall. The really new looking ones are often replacements for roofs destroyed during the war in the 90s.
The main street, taken from the wall. The crowds had started to thin out a little by this time in the day.


This was on the final night in Cavtat. The Croatian sky gave us a beautiful farewell.


It was a moving sunset which made its way through the whole spectrum. A moment to be lived in.



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